Babby Farms is Now Offering Animal Encounters!
Babby Farms is giving all customers the opportunity to visit some of our favorite animals up close and personal! Choose between exotic and non-exotic encounters.

Animal Encounters vary depending on species with regard to times and group size to please review your selection carefully.

ALL ENCOUNTER TICKETS must be purchased online .If your desired date and time are not available, those dates/times have already been purchased..
 Customers who have purchased encounter tickets who are more than 30 minutes late will need to reschedule. 
Groups may not be larger than 6 people. 
Parents MUST be present during an animal encounter. For sloth and otter encounters, parents may sit off to the side and supervise without purchasing an encounter ticket. However, Babby Farms requires that at least 1 parent purchase a primate encounter ticket and attend the encounter with their children.

*All Encounters purchased are in addition to admission prices.
Tickets may only be purchased online.
**Children must be 5 or older to participate in our Exotic Animal Encounters. CHILDREN UNDER 12 MAY NOT PARTAKE IN PRIMATE ENCOUNTERS
***WARNING: Human viruses and bacterial infections can be passed on to primates. If you are experiencing any symptoms of an illness (runny nose, cough, congestion, vomiting, etc.), please DO NOT purchase a primate encounter. Babby Farms reserves the right to refuse entry to customers who are experiencing symptoms to better protect our animals.
All visitors participating in animal encounters must wear closed-toed shoes. If you are unable to make your trip for the day you have purchased them, please contact our staff. We will gladly offer to reschedule you or provide a raincheck.  We do not offer refunds.